Are Traeger Grills Waterproof? Can My Traeger Grill Get Wet?

Buying a new Traeger wood pellet grill can be an exciting time. As soon as you get your grill home, you can start planning family cookouts that include perfectly smoked barbecue cooked on one of the most famous grill brands on the market.

But what happens when you are planning a cookout and the weather forecast predicts rain?

Traeger grills are not waterproof. Keep in mind, though, that a little rain does not mean you have to cancel your cookout. While you do not want your Traeger grill to get completely soaked in a downpour, you can still have wonderful grilling experiences, no matter the weather.

Read on to learn all about the correct precautions you should take to ensure you are providing a safe and waterproof environment for your Traeger grill.

Traeger Grill


What Happens to a Traeger Grill if it Gets Wet?

We are quite sure that users tend to protect their expensive electronic devices to the greatest extent. But what will happen if, by chance, your Traeger grill gets wet due to any possible circumstance?

Your Traeger won’t necessarily be destroyed if it lightly rains or gets a little wet. Conversely, your barbecue could be destroyed by an intense, windy downpour.

Without adequate protection, your grill can be exposed to water that might not function as intended.

  • The Pellet auger may become stuck.
  • Control panel communication is lost. These places include the following:
  • Rust


1. Pellet Auger Could Get Jammed

If the wood pellets are allowed to become moist in the hopper, damage may result. The wood will expand and break down if the pellets get moist. Wet pellets may clog the auger and cause a blockage. Your temperatures may change, and there is a risk of injury from a blocked auger.

Your Taeger might stop heating entirely as a result of it! A blocked auger can require time-consuming and expensive repairs in addition to temperature-related problems.

To prevent them from getting wet due to rain or moisture, consistently preserve your unutilized pellets in a dry spot. Both store your pellets in a moisture content environment, and liquid phases can harm your pellets. Avoid keeping your pellets in a shed, cellar, or any other area that you know will have a lot of moisture or is not climate-controlled.


2. Control Panel Loses Connectivity

Another potential problem is getting water into your Traeger grill’s control panel. The temperature is set, and the heat is maintained during your cooking by the control panel. Connection issues could appear if water does manage to enter the control panel.

You can start noticing temperature fluctuations if water gets into the control panel and breaks this connection.


3. Rust


You risk your grill rusting if it is kept outside in the rain for an extended period. If at all feasible, store your grill inside or use a grill cover when it’s not in use.

After each usage, you should protect your grill to prevent rust from accumulating. Before putting a cover on the grill, ensure it is dry and out of the weather. Again after three to five cooks, properly clean your grill and remove all food debris.


How do I protect my Traeger from Water?

Water and electronic appliances are the biggest enemies. We, as users, can only try and prevent these two from getting in touch. Grills are supposed to be used outside, so the probability of them getting in touch with water is a lot, especially in monsoon weather.

Many buyers of Traeger grills intend to use them in all kinds of weather. With the correct tools, Traeger grills may be adaptable and provide the flexibility to cook in practically any weather while maintaining food at a consistent temperature.

You should also buy a high-quality cover that you can rely on in Rain, wind, or snow if you want to keep your investment in a Traeger product safe. A reliable cover for your Traeger will give you peace of mind during a severe downpour.

Since Traegers aren’t waterproof, you should endeavor to make the area around your grilling area water-resistant and employ equipment to keep you and your grill dry. The many adjustments you can make to your environment to safeguard your Traeger are listed below.

  • Invest in a weatherproof cover.
  • Give thought to your power cord.
  • Make use of ceiling coverings.
  • Keep the grill indoors.

Your Traeger grill won’t become waterproof with any of these choices, but you can shield it from the weather by following these easy guidelines.


Consider Your Power Cord

Traeger barbecues require plugging into an outlet, in contrast to conventional grills. Despite this, some individuals utilize them because the standard chord is so short. With Traeger barbecues, an extension cord is generally not recommended.

If you have enough length, you may be able to keep your barbecue under cover rather than grilling outside in the Rain. Make sure your extension cord is secure for usage outside before selecting to utilize one. Get a grounded 14 gauge extension cord for your safety and your Traeger.

When an electrical current in rainy weather encounters an unsafe extension cable not designed for external use, dangerous repercussions may follow.


Utilize Overhead Coverings

It’s a good idea to carry a makeshift shelter or look for a location where your grill may be placed where there is a substantial overhead covering whenever you plan a barbecue when Rain is possible.

The preparation with your customized covering assures safe grilling even though a Traeger can be used in mild Rain. These temporary overhead shelters include, among others:

  • Gazebos
  • Canopies
  • Pavilions

You shouldn’t turn your grill off or move it while it’s hot if you’re grilling and it starts to rain. If you need to escape the weather to complete cooking, having an overhead covering will come in handy. Avoid being fully enclosed by an overhead covering when using your Traeger barbecue because appropriate ventilation is still required.


Store Your Grill Indoors

Store your Traeger indoors if your living condition permits it. This will be your best bet for protecting your grill from inclement weather when it’s not in use. Your Traeger will have less chance of becoming wet in potentially dangerous places if you keep it out of bad weather.

The Traeger XL is the giant Traeger barbecue you can buy. It is 43 inches in height and 48 inches across. Due to its size and weight—more than 230 pounds—storing this barbecue can be challenging. To be safe, carefully measure any Traeger grill you plan to keep inside all day before buying to make sure it will accommodate your storage space.


Buy a Waterproof Cover for Your Traeger Grill

Waterproof Cover FOR TRAEGER GRILL

Traeger grills are not naturally waterproof, but several shields on the market will protect your grill from rainfall and other bad weather. Follow these instructions to waterproof your grill using a cover adequately.


1. Buy a Cover That Fits Your Model

Your grill’s waterproofing process begins with the cover you choose. Select a cover for your model. A cover of wide varieties should be purchased along with your Traeger. However, oversized covers expose the grill to strong winds and torrential Rain.

A cover that completely encloses your Traeger and fits it tightly is what you need. A taut cover can help lessen moisture accumulation, which would otherwise lead to your pellets expanding in the hopper.


2. Always Cover Your Grill after Each Use

A cover that completely encloses the Traeger while still fitting snuggly on it is what you need. In addition, a taut cover will lessen moisture accumulation, which may otherwise lead to pellet expansion in the hopper.

Leaving your grill in the sun for an extended period or getting it wet can harm it. Your Traeger’s control panel may become damaged after prolonged exposure to UV rays. Even when storing your grill inside, you should cover it. When it’s not in use, it’s essential to keep your grill covered.


3. Keep the Pellet Hopper Covered and Dry

The pellets can grow and severely harm with just a bit of Rain. Retain the pellet hopper tightly closed while operating your grill. Only if you wish to check the pellet level to see if more are needed should you ever unlock your pellet hopper throughout cooking. Install a pellet sensor to prevent the need ever to open your hopper.

You can keep the hopper closed at all other times by using the pellet sensor to detect when you need to add more pellets.

If you ultimately decide against purchasing a grill cover, empty the hopper and keep the lid closed.


Using a Traeger Grill in the Garage

You are likely thinking about various grilling strategies that will keep you dry. You and your Traeger can stay dry during a downpour under the protection of a garage. There are certain crucial factors that you must take into account before using your Traeger in the garage. These factors include:

  • The direction of the wind
  • Keep the garage open.
  • Use while the garage door is open.
  • Check the wind direction and ensure that little smoke is blowing directly into the garage if you intend to use your Traeger barbecue there.


Keep the garage door open and place the Traeger close to the entry for the best ventilation. Keeping your grill close to the garage door will still give you the protection you need from the elements while enabling the smoke to escape.

Another option for using your Traeger while staying dry is a covered or enclosed patio. While this is true, a patio should be treated in the same manner as a garage. Make sure there is as much ventilation as possible, and keep an eye on where the smoke from your Traeger goes when there is no breeze. Prevent smoke from gathering in one place.


Can You Keep a Traeger Grill Plugged in?


It is not uncommon for new Traeger owners to wonder if they need to unplug their grill after each use. Although it is not necessary to unplug your grill, you will want to make sure you are taking the right steps to ensure the safety of your grill and home.

  • After each use of your Traeger, you will need to shut off the power switch. The power switch will be located on the control panel of your grill.
  • Once you are done cooking, let your Traeger complete its shutdown cycle before turning off the power.


If you are keeping your grill outside and covered but plan on keeping it plugged in, you still need to pay attention to the weather. If your power cord is exposed to the elements, you will want to unplug it during a heavy rain storm.

This ensures that your power cord will not get exposed to the rain and avoid any risk of electrical problems.

When not planning on using your grill for a long period of time or wanting to store it during the winter months, you should always unplug your grill.

When prepping for storage, ensure that your electrical cord is tucked inside of your cover. If you utilize an extension cord, disconnect the cord from the grill and store it in a dry location.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can You Dry a Traeger Grill Once It Gets Wet?

You can sanitize the auger and the control panels. But this can be difficult to do on your own, which is why it is preferable to call somebody who knows how to clean Traeger grills.


Can you use Your Traeger Grill in the Rain?

If a Traeger product is in the rain or outside during wet weather, you must take precautions to ensure the Traeger grill remains dry. Allowing moisture into the pellet hopper may cause damage or jam the auger. Traeger grills should be covered when not in use.

Water jets less than 60 degrees off-vertical can’t hit a Traeger grill. In other words, even if it may be raining, you shouldn’t use your grill near a sprinkler or keep the lid open when it’s wet or rainy.


Can you leave a Traeger outside in the winter?

If you purchase a Traeger, you could be planning to use it frequently, even in the winter. You do not want your Traeger grill exposed to the elements when stranded in the snow and cold.

Make sure the grill is snow-free before lighting up your Traeger in the winter or following a significant snowfall.



All in all, it is necessary to keep your Traeger grills away from any kind of moisture- be it rain or sprinkles. You can either try to shift the part to an indoor section or buy the necessary cover for your Traeger grills.

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