How to Tell If Sausages Are Cooked?

Sausages are a delicious and favorite meal of all of ours. However, most of us find it very tricky to know whether it is fully cooked or not. Do you also find it hard?

If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place because we have made your work easier! Wondering, how? Well, we have done all the research on how to know if your sausages are properly cooked or not in this article.

Not just that, you will also know the appropriate cooking temperature for different types of sausages and how to recognize whether sausages are well cooked without using a thermometer. So, without any further adieu, let’s get started.


How to know if sausage is cooked with a thermometer?


In order to know whether your tender, juicy sausage is adequately cooked or not, you will need a meat thermometer.

After that, you have to simply inject the thermometer’s tip at its end and wait for a few seconds. If the temperature is 70 degrees Celsius, then your meat is nicely cooked.

Remember, you don’t need to puncture the sausage casings if you use a meat thermometer. This is because if you do that, the meat’s moisture will evaporate, leaving it dry and chewy.

Therefore, it is essential that you put the meat thermometer’s tip into the little openings along each side of the sausage where the links were twisted.

Well, not everyone has a meat thermometer. If you are also one of them, don’t be sad and check the next section to learn its alternative.


How to know if sausage is cooked without a thermometer?


You can still prepare the sausages nicely even without the help of a thermometer if you change some steps while cooking.

For that, you have to saute the sausages until golden brown on all sides, flipping every minute or two. After that, take one of the sausages off the flame and cut it crossways at the end portion.

Now you must be perplexed about how to cut the sausage precisely, right? The answer depends on how you want to use them once they’ve been thoroughly cooked.

If you’re browning the sausages for chopping and adding to a stew, then cut a quarter-sized chunk from one of the ends of one of them to see whether it’s done.

The sausage will be tender and juicy. When you check the meat inside, it will be beige-colored when done. If it is undercooked, it will be tender to the touch, bleeding on the inside, and pink.

That’s it! Simple, right? You did your job well.

Note: This trick is only applicable if you plan to grill, oven roast, or try to pan-fry the sausages.

But in case you are planning to boil and eat the sausages, then you will need a pot of water or broth. You can also add garlic, onions, and additional flavors as per your choice.

Then place the sausages in the liquid once it begins to boil. Allow 30 minutes for the liquid to simmer. And it is ready to serve! If you want to make it a bit crispy, you can stir fry it on a pan with a little oil as well.

In case you have pre-cooked sausages, then the cooking method will vary. In order to know what the procedure is, check the next section now.


How long do pre-cooked sausages take to cook?


If you plan to cook pre-cooked sausages in the oven at 148.9 degrees Celsius, it will take 10-12 minutes. However, if your sausages are frozen, then you have to defrost them for 30 minutes before you plan to cook them and let them thaw at room temperature.

Afterward, flip the sausages for 5-6 minutes. It will become slightly brown. Remember, it will not look dark brown like the one that appears after deep frying.

So, this was all about pre-cooked sausages, but I did know different kinds of sausages will require different cooking temperatures. If you want to know about that, scroll down.


Cooking temperature for different types of sausages

In case you have beef or pork sausage at home, you should cook it to a minimum internal temperature of 71.1 degrees Celsius. However, the internal minimum temperature for chicken, turkey, wildfowl, or game sausage must be 73.8 degrees Celsius.

Once you remove the sausages from the heat, allow them to rest for 3 minutes. In its residual heat, the meat will continue to cook, tenderizing itself and locking the juices. And then you have yummy food in your tummy.

But what if you ate undercooked sausages by accident? Will this cause you to suffer food poisoning, nausea, or a fever? Check out the following section to find out the answer.


What happens if you consume uncooked sausage?

There is a possibility that you can get sick if you consume undercooked sausages. But, it also depends on the type of sausage.

For instance, if you consumed ready-to-eat pickled or smoked sausages, then it is not a matter of concern. However, if it has already expired, then you may fall ill. This is because contaminated meat includes larvae of parasites called Trichinella spiralis.

If your body encounters Trichinella spiralis, it may show its side effects within 15 or 28 days, depending on your immune system.

Some of the side effects of consuming undercooked sausages are:

  • Eye Swelling
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle soreness
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Headaches
  • Fever & Chills
  • Fatigue


So, if you don’t want to face such problems, always make sure to eat well-cooked meat and sausages. And follow our instructions on how to cook sausages well.



Is it possible for the sausage to be pink but cooked?

Absolutely yes! If your Italian sausage is a little pink inside, it is still cooked, and nothing stressful about it unless it has salt in it. Instead of turning gray when cooked, the meat can keep its pink color. You can enjoy your sausages as long as they are fresh and properly cooked.


What should be the color of completely cooked sausages?

Completely cooked beef or pork sausage must have a deep red-pink color body. And if you are cooking chicken or turkey sausages, then it can be a little light pink and red from the outside.


Well, that’s a wrap!

Consuming undercooked sausages may possibly give you food poisoning under severe conditions. But, it also depends on your immune system. However, for the safe side, it is always better to make sure you consume only well-cooked sausages.

You can take the help of a meat thermometer to know if the sausage is well cooked or not. If the meat reaches 70 degrees Celsius, then it is ready to consume. You can also fry or saute the sausage well on both sides for 15 minutes.

So, that was all about sausages. If you know any other method for the same, do let us know in the comment section below.

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