Why is My Banana Pudding Runny? How to Thicken it?

Many people who frequently make desserts have issues perfecting the consistency of the famous Banana puddings. They often cease up with relatively watery chaos or an extra thick pudding that no one enjoys. Fortunately, these people have a few options for making the best pudding doable without the slightest problems.

Essentially, there are a few primary approaches to consider. In this article, we will be teaching you how to make sure that your banana pudding isn’t runny and how you can thicken it if its texture isn’t desirable.


What is a Banana Pudding?

Banana Pudding

The typical components of banana pudding are layers of creamy vanilla custard, cookies (often vanilla wafers or ladyfingers), and thinly sliced fresh bananas that are served in a dish with whipped cream or meringue on top. It is an appetizer that millions worldwide enjoy because of its smooth finish and indulgent flavor.

As a result, many dessert lovers often try to make their banana pudding at home using homemade ingredients. Once they try this, individuals discover that attempting to make pudding is not as simple as some people genuinely believe. Many steps are involved in making a banana pudding, and many methodologies ensure that the banana pudding is of the perfect texture and isn’t runny or too thick.


Why Is Your Banana Pudding Runny?

  • You either didn’t mix the pudding thoroughly or used a bunch of fluid in your recipe, which are the two leading causes of your banana pudding’s runniness. The pudding must be thoroughly mixed since this affects how thick it will become.
  • Your banana pudding can come out mushy if you make it with a lot of water. Your preferred choice in this situation would be to keep adding thickening agents and perhaps other substances till the pudding has the thickness you want. Don’t rush; instead, give it your best shot.
  • Your pudding may get watery if it is kept in the fridge overnight due to saliva or syneresis. When transporting and serving your pudding, try not to disrupt it too much.
  • It will not be fully set and will be extremely runny if it is not brought to a boil. Alternatively, it hasn’t cooked long enough if it boils but remains runny. If it’s still runny even after that, there may have been too much milk used.


How to Fix a Runny Banana Pudding

Several ways to fix a runny banana pudding are provided below.


Adding Corn Starch

Corn Starch

A biodegradable starch that is frequently used as a bulking agent is cornstarch. Additionally, it can be used to strengthen banana pudding.

If you decide to use cornstarch, follow the instructions carefully for successful results. It cannot be added straight to the pudding. A sequential procedure is provided below.

  • Water and cornstarch should be combined equally in a bowl.
  • Two substances should be carefully mixed into a slurry.
  • A bit at a time, whisk the ingredients into your pudding. Make sure the pudding and slurry are thoroughly combined.
  • The banana pudding should be heated and simmered for around 30 seconds. Keep stirring softly, without fail.
  • After a few minutes of stirring, remove from the heat.
  • After allowing it to cool, refrigerate overnight or for a few hours without disturbing it.


Adding Different starch-based thickening agents

If cornstarch is unavailable, you can always use another pectin toughening agent.

Tapioca, flour, and customized cornstarch are common thickening ingredients you can use while preparing homemade banana pudding.

Before including them in your recipes, always do some study. The viscosity timeframes and the methods of operation of these thickening agents vary. The thickening process for flour, for instance, takes about 20 minutes.


Adding More Instant Pudding Mix

If cornmeal or other pectin-thickening agents mentioned above are not to your taste, you will need to find another option. Instant pudding mix can be helpful in this situation.

Thickening the watery banana pudding with a readymade pudding mix is one option. It only takes a few simple steps to obtain your smooth texture: open a second box, pour the contents into your pudding, and stir.

Use this procedure with patience if you decide to. When absorbing moisture, instant pudding frequently takes some time. The pudding could become ruined if you add too much.

Once it has reached the desired consistency, allow it to cool for a short while in the refrigerator before serving.


How To Make Banana Pudding Stiff

stiff banana pudding

Over rich banana pudding, some folks prefer the stiff variety.

You may add flavorless jello to the batter to make the banana pudding gelatinize into a form.

Add 3 to 4 teaspoons of flavorless gelatin for each cup of pudding. After stirring the batter, transfer it into your desired mold, and chill it for several hours.


Ingredients to avoid when making banana pudding

The viscosity of banana pudding can be affected by some substances. They should have stayed away from you if you want to prepare perfect banana pudding. Among them are;

  • Flour

While flour is a thickener aid, it clusters together, making it unsuitable for banana pudding. It also takes the most extended time and has a bland flavor.


  • Artificial eggs

You might not get the desired consistency with artificial eggs. If your recipe calls for ordinary eggs, I advise sticking with those.


  • Plant Milk

For most plant milk, thickeners are necessary for banana pudding formulations. The pudding will be sloppy if you use these exactly as they are.


  • Skimmed milk

Banana pudding does not work well with skim milk’s low nutritional value. To acquire a creamy, buttery uniformity, puddings typically require fat content.

Banana pudding shelf life


  • Powdered arrowroot

The texture of the banana pudding is frequently made slippery using arrowroot flour. Stick to other thickening agents if you don’t like a slimy texture.


  • Vanilla wafers in crumbles

Some people try to thicken the banana pudding by including crumbled vanilla wafers. Nothing happens.  It makes your pudding annoyingly messy in its place. If you wish to add the wafers after creating your pudding, don’t crush them first.


What is the Nutritional Value of Banana Pudding?

Nutritional Value

Bananas and milk are healthy additives in this banana pudding recipe. The formula is high in fiber, peptides, electrolytes, and vitamin C; these benefit your health and keep you feeling more energetic.


What are the Health Benefits of Banana Pudding?

Banana pudding is a better and healthier dessert that can be eaten as a treat or at any time. It contains nutrients that are necessary for muscle activity as well as the transmission of nerve impulses. A lack of electrolytes can cause dehydration, lack of strength, and sometimes even muscle spasms.

The pudding contains phytonutrients that are beneficial to your vitality and immune regulation, ideal for weight issues, maintain the wellbeing of your peripheral nerves, and precludes hypoxemia.


Banana Pudding Shelf Life

Users know that bananas are fungible, and their pudding will most likely get ruined entirely if left out after an extended period without ever being refrigerated. Think about leaving your banana pudding and eating it for breakfast the following day. You’ll be annoyed if you wake up to find strange insects on your pudding or if it smells terrible.

Banana pudding will remain fresh for about four days if you keep it in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

To avoid the wafer cookies softening and the bananas weeping, We don’t advise storing them any longer.


Can you Freeze Banana Pudding?


Even though pudding contains a lot of water, freezing it can be difficult. Because freezing provokes excess water to crystallize, the uniformity of the banana pudding will change dramatically after defrosting. Furthermore, once reheated and exposed to air, bananas transform to mug up and create an unaesthetic brownish color. These modifications may not change the pudding’s taste, making it appear dull and boring.



It is simple to make banana pudding, but you might not get the desired consistency even when using instant pudding mix.

Try to thicken it if this occurs by utilizing the techniques mentioned above. To achieve the ideal texture, you typically only need a thickening ingredient.

Even if you use instant banana pudding, making it can be difficult. The most challenging issue, wateriness or skinny pudding, may appear impossible. Thankfully, you now have the knowledge required to make that extravagantly rich banana pudding that everybody loves.

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