Can Freezer Paper Go in the Oven?

We have all come across freezer paper, definitely! But, have you ever wondered if freezer paper can go in the oven, unlike silicone sheets or baking paper?

Technically speaking, freezer paper is not safe for use in the oven. It can cause mishaps, and one must know how to use it properly for ideal food storage.

If you are looking for ideas on how to use freezer paper and if it can be considered an alternative for oven use, then our article answers your questions! Read on to find everything you need to know about freezer papers and how to use them to store food safely and conveniently.


What are the uses of freezer paper?


You must have used freezer paper really often, but it may come across as very similar to parchment paper or wax paper.

So, what exactly is freezer paper?

Freezer paper is usually made of heavy-duty and thick paper that has a plastic, waxy coating on the inside.

The plastic coating is supposed to come in contact with the item you are trying to store in the freezer. This helps prevent moisture from coming in contact with the item.

The thick, heavy-duty paper side, however, keeps the item safe inside and can be easily used for labeling items inside the fridge or freezer. You won’t have to take the pains of using separate labels for every food item.


Benefits and Uses of Freezer Paper




Freezer paper can be beneficial for wrapping meat and meat bones. These are usually hard to manage, so arranging them well inside the freezer with freezer paper is quite beneficial. Plus, the outer paper is tough and thick, so it does not tear off or puncture easily due to the sharp bony edges of the meat.

Unlike aluminum foils or thin wax paper, which can tear off easily, freezer paper can sustain for longer and is not delicate.


Ease of storing

If you still depend on airtight containers to store food items, you are using ample space in your freezer! Instead, freezer paper is easy to wrap around the item and fold, so you can save space and store more items in the freezer.


Prevents moisture and keeps fresh for longer

Freezer paper is not as effective as an airtight container. However, it can be temporarily useful to prevent moisture contact and freezer burns on your items. If you have repeatedly frozen and defrosted an item, freezer paper ensures that the item remains dry by locking moisture and preventing freeze burns.


Keeps nutrition and flavor intact

If you plan to store meat or cold storage items, the thickness of the freezer paper ensures that the food remains well protected. By well protected, we mean that even the texture, nutrition, and flavor remain intact for a long time!


Bonus tip: Just make sure to wrap the freezer paper tightly and extremely well around the item. This ensures long-lasting storage and retains the item’s quality and flavor.


Ease of labeling

Suppose you plan to store multiple items in the freezer and are confused about what is kept where freezer paper allows you to label the items properly. That is only because you can use the rough side of the paper for writing or labeling easily with a marker.

Freezer paper comes in handy, especially when storing multiple items in the freezer, like different meat cuts.


Talk about keeping your food organized in the freezer, right?


Can freezer paper go in the oven?


Simply put, freezer paper is not made to be used in the oven! You may want to use it in the oven for 2 reasons:

  • Its similarity to parchment paper, although the properties are not exact.
  • If you have kept your meat and marinades along with the freezer paper, you may want to keep the flavor and marinade rubs into the freezer paper intact!


However, if you think of it scientifically, freezer paper has a plastic or waxy coating inside. If this coating comes in contact with high temperatures inside the freezer, the coating can start to melt. The plastic coating can melt in temperatures as low as 122ºF. This plastic-made coat can have various harmful chemicals if it leaches inside the food.

Moreover, once the plastic or wax coating melts, the food becomes very sticky and loses its original texture.

The freezer paper might look thick and sturdy, but it can catch fire if exposed to high temperatures. This can cause your microwave or oven to blast and even cause kitchen mishaps as well as spoil your food.

Therefore, to avoid such circumstances, it is always safe to use an oven-safe vessel to heat or cook your food. Do not use any forms of paper in the oven, be it wax or freezer paper, even if it is for a short time.


What can I use instead of freezer paper In the oven?


Parchment paper (baking paper)


If you are looking for alternatives to freezer paper, there are many. One of the closest alternatives would be parchment paper or baking paper. Baking papers have been made to resist high temperatures and offer a non-sticky, smooth surface when cooking or baking.


Silicone sheet


Another alternative to freezer paper would be a silicone sheet. Make sure to look for a good quality sheet that can resist high temperatures; else would be harmful to you.

Silicone sheets can be reused several times and are usually available as sheet rolls. You can use the desired size based on the food item you cook/heat. Silicone sheets are slightly expensive but worth the cost as they can be reused and offer a non-stick surface.


Baking tray


Another alternative is to use the baking tray or plate offered within the oven or microwave and simply use a non-stick oil or baking spray. The non-stick oil or baking spray makes an additional non-stick coating, making it easier to manage your food inside the oven. You can also use a microwave or oven-safe vessel for ease of cleaning and cooking or serving.


What can I use instead of freezer paper For storage?

If you are looking to use freezer paper simply for storage purposes, it is undoubtedly the best, and nothing beats it! If you are using freezer paper alternatives, you just need to ensure that it is airtight and does not allow freezer burns over the food surface.

The storage material should ensure zero contact with moisture in the freezer when defrosted; else it can spoil the texture of the food.

However, if you don’t find freezer paper or simply have run out of one, then here are some alternatives that we would personally suggest:


Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is not one of the best alternatives because it is very fragile to handle and can tear off easily. Therefore, to use it properly to seal and store your food, wrap the aluminum foil tightly around the food item and place the food in a small container.

Aluminum foil will ensure that the food remains free of freeze burns and the meat items’ flavor and marinades remain intact. However, you will be unable to label your food items, and wrapping meat cuts can be difficult with aluminum foil.


Butcher paper

Butcher paper is made of Kraft quality paper that is extremely thick and moisture-proof. It runs on similar lines to freezer paper, although it does not have a waxy or plastic coating inside. Butcher paper cannot be used in the oven but is an excellent alternative for storage as it can be easily wrapped around food items.


Freezer bags


Freezer bags are the most convenient option to use instead of freezer paper. They come with labels so you can easily arrange and name your food items in the freezer.

Plus, they come with a zipper or seal on the top, ensuring the food item is safely enclosed within the bag. It prevents contact with moisture or even frost bites on food. You can also use them for storage in the refrigerator while defrosting any food item.

These are available in various sizes, so you can opt for any based on the number of food items you want to store. Plus, it saves up space compared to a container as they are easily foldable and malleable.


Plastic Wrap

Plastic is moisture proof and very easily malleable. Plastic wrap can be used as multiple layers to cover any food item except for gravies or liquid.

Especially for cake slices, frozen vegetables, or meat cuts, plastic wraps are an excellent alternative to freezer paper. You cannot label over them, indeed, but it ends up saving ample space for storage in the freezer.


Airtight container (plastic or glass)

The best and safest alternative to freezer paper in airtight containers. We all know the benefits of airtight containers, and it surpasses all other alternatives suggested. However, it would only end up eating space in the freezer, and that’s about it!


Freezer paper vs. Wax paper

Freezer paper and wax paper may look very similar but have different properties. Unlike wax paper, which has a shiny, waxy coat on both sides, freezer paper has a shiny plastic coat on the inside, and the outer side is rough. The outer paper coating is kept explicitly for labeling items on the paper, which is impossible in wax paper.

Wax paper can prevent moisture better because of the shiny coat on both sides. However, freezer paper is thicker and more durable than wax paper. Use any, and both have their benefits, but none can be used in an oven!


Freezer paper vs. Parchment paper

Parchment paper, also known as baking paper, is very thin and has no plastic coatings on either side. This makes it suitable for providing a non-sticky surface, especially while used in the oven.

Parchment paper is best used for baking and offers a good, even, and non-sticky surface!! It can sustain high temperatures, although we recommend using it with an oven-safe vessel. Parchment paper is not suitable for storage, unlike freezer paper.


To sum it up, freezer paper and wax paper are best used for storage, whereas parchment paper is ideal for use in the oven!




Can I use baking paper instead of freezer paper?

Depends! If your purpose is to cook and heat, then the baking paper is a suitable choice! However, if you are looking to store food items in the freezer or for wrapping, then the baking paper is too thin to go around food. In such cases, freezer paper would be ideal as it offers a thick surface and locks the moisture in the freezer as well. Bonus point, it allows you to label your food items as well!


Is freezer paper the same as butcher paper?

No! Although they look similar, butcher paper is made of Kraft pulp, and butcher paper is white. It is inexpensive and used for a variety of purposes. On the other hand, freezer paper has a waxy coating on the inside that helps prevent moisture.

Both are available as rolls and can be used for storing food items. However, freezer paper is slightly more expensive than butcher paper and offers moisture resistance.


Can you use freezer paper in a microwave?

Not at all! Freezer paper cannot sustain high temperatures. The plastic coating on the inside surface of freezer paper can melt into your food. Additionally, freezer paper can catch fire inside the microwave due to extremely high temperatures. Therefore, you must avoid using it for cooking or baking in the microwave or oven.


Is freezer paper heat resistant?

No! Freezer paper can sustain slightly warmer temperatures but is not heat-resistant entirely. It can still be considered safe if you have warmed food and want to store it with freezer paper.

However, due to the plastic coating and depending on the paper quality, it is not recommended to use it for warm or hot food. As the name suggests, freezer paper is best for storing food in cold or average temperatures.



Freezer paper is ideal for use while storing food in the freezer or refrigerator. However, because of its similarity to baking paper or wax paper, lot of us may think that it can be used in the oven!

Freezer paper is totally unsafe for use in the oven as the plastic coating on the freezer paper may melt. Secondly, the paper can easily catch fire within the oven. Therefore, we have recommended some useful alternatives to freezer paper, both for oven use as well as storage purposes.

Read our article above and tell us how do you use freezer paper with some alternative ideas for oven use through the comments section below!

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