Can you grate chocolate in a food processor?

Wait! Did you say CHOCOLATE!? Who doesn’t like adding grated or shaved chocolates to their dessert? But grating it ca be a messy task as it might start melting in our hands. When we think of grating something with equipment, a food processor is the first thing that comes to our mind, so is it possible to grate chocolate with food processor?

Yes, chocolate can be grated in a food processor but don’t you think it’s too much of a machine for a simple hand job? There are many other options to grate or shave chocolate easily.

So in this article, we’ll see about other more accessible ways to grate or shave chocolate! To know more about chocolate grating, keep reading!!


What are the easiest ways to grate chocolate?

grate chocolate

There are many ways to grate chocolate, but it is essential to do it faster and easier as chocolate can get messy in our hands while grating.


Food processor

Food processor

If you’re someone with zero patience, then this is your method. Using a food processor to grate a bar of chocolate might not be the best method Because if you blend it in even for a few more extra minutes than needed, you’ll end up having a bar of melted chocolate rather than a grated one.

So to start, add your chocolates to your food processor and blend them continuously until it reaches a point where the chocolate looks like bread crumbs.

But do stop in between and scrape off the chocolate on the sides with a spatula. This method will gain you the perfect chocolate crumbs.

Note: The food processor will start heating up due to the blending, which will melt your chocolate, so do not forget to take breaks to check the consistency.


Cheese grater

Cheese grater

The most basic and the simplest method to grate a chocolate bar is to do it with a cheese grater. No one in this world wouldn’t have a cheese grater.

To grate a chocolate bar with a cheese grater, place the chocolate bar in between two parchment papers and cut them into small chunks with a knife. Take those chunks and grate them in a cheese grater. Simple, isn’t it?




A simple kitchen knife will do the job if you do not have any equipment, such as a cheese grater or a food processor.

Place your chocolate bar between two parchment papers and chop the chocolate into small chunks. Now take the parchment paper and chop as finely as you can. Continue to chop until you get the desired texture. You can even make chocolate dustings if you chop it with a knife, but that won’t be possible with other methods.


On a glassware

The following method is very similar to this one. Melt a bar of chocolate and pour it on a glass plate. Freeze the plate until the chocolate thickens. Now take the plate out and use a steel spatula to scrape off the chocolate from the glass plate. The scrapings will be like shavings of chocolate. This method will not make your hands messy as there is no direct contact with your hands.


On an oiled plate

Melt a bar of chocolate and simultaneously oil a plate with butter or just cooking oil. Now pour the melted chocolate on the oiled plate. Freeze it until the chocolate thickens. Now take the oiled plate out and scrape off the chocolate with a knife. If you scrape it off correctly, you might even get chocolate curls.


Precautionary steps

But before dipping yourself into the methods to grate a bar of chocolate, there are a few precautionary steps you must follow to prevent the chocolate from melting in your hands or yourself from cutting your hands while chopping.


Best chocolate for grating

There are few best chocolate specifically used only for baking, making it easy for you to grate as it won’t melt in your hands as regular chocolate bars will.

Any chocolate bar with high cacao percentage will make a bar of hard chocolate which makes it easier to grate. But if you only have a soft chocolate bar, no worries, you can freeze the bar before grating.



Now that you’ve learned how to grate a bar of chocolate and the best chocolate to choose from, you can just indulge yourself with a chocolate treat in the most straightforward ways possible. Also, don’t forget to keep in mind those precautionary measures before you keep your hands on your chocolate! Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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