Can you use a cheese board as a cutting board?

Many of us question whether we can use a cheese board as a cutting board since why buy two boards when one will suffice?

Both may appear to be just a block of wood, but they contain two different kinds of wood with different uses.

Our article will explain the actual difference between cheese and a cutting board, as well as how they can be used.

Can cheese boards or serving boards be used as cutting boards?

It is not recommended to use a cheese board as a cutting board since cheese boards are very delicate and subject to knife marks. Cheese knives are not as sharp as ordinary knives, so they can tolerate them. In contrast, a cutting board is typically used for dicing, chopping, and slicing.

Doesn’t the question go the other way around? We all doubt whether we can use a cutting board as a cheese board?


Can I use a cutting board as a cheese board?

cheese board

Yes, you can use a cutting board as a cheese board as there are no exact reasons not to use it, and it also doesn’t affect the cutting board in any way possible. So it is alright to use a cutting board as a cheeseboard.

Now let us look at some differences between a cheese board and a cutting board.


Cheeseboard or serving board

Cheeseboards are used occasionally. It comes in different shapes, materials, and sizes as its sole purpose is to present and serve the food. The size of the board differs according to the food size.

It is used as a platter so that many people can share during big events such as birthday parties, weddings, etc.

Choosing a cheese board only has to go with your aesthetic and liking as it is only for the presentation. The charcuterie board doesn’t have to be cleaned as often as a cutting board, and it must be oiled occasionally.


Cutting board

Cutting board


Cutting boards are used in our daily life. It comes in different shapes, materials, and sizes, but it’s a regular kitchen item used to slice bread and meat or chop fruits and vegetables.

They have different shapes, such as rectangles, squares, rounds, etc., but most people prefer rectangles as they are convenient and have more cutting space.

When choosing a cutting board, we have to look for durability, anti-bacterial, shape, and size. It must be cleaned more often as the food particles can contaminate the board, which might lead to food poisoning.


What is better, a cheese board or a cutting board?

There are three essential factors to consider before coming to a conclusion on which is better;

  • Purpose
  • Budget
  • thickness



First, do acknowledge your sole purpose of the board. Are you just buying the board to chop and slice or serve and present?

If you plan on using the board for chopping, slicing, and cutting, then choosing a cutting board is advisable. But if you’re going to use the board only to serve and present, I’d advise the cheese or serving board.




The rates vary widely, but the cutting boards are comparatively cheaper than the serving board, considering the cheap and best option.



While choosing the best board for you, always check the thickness and the weight of the boards.

If you prefer lightweight and thin boards, go with the serving board.

But if you’re going to use it to chop and slice, a cutting board is advisable.



There are so many differences between a cheese and a cutting board. A cutting board can be used as a serving board, but it cannot go vice versa. Go through all the above-mentioned factors before choosing a cheese board or a serving board. We hope this article was helpful to you!

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